Thursday, October 14, 2010


Don't you ever have those days where you feel like you're completely invisible? You're sitting in the halls of the school at lunch watching the people pass by going, "I know her, and him, and her. Oh, and her too but she has no idea who I am." Typical. In fact, my name in Spanish class last year was "Callada" meaning "quiet girl."
So far in all of my days in Jr. High I've only met one person who knew my name before I knew hers. That's got be some kind of record.

Well yesterday evening I checked my email to read the comments on my blog posts and I begin to read, "Jordyn says..." For a moment I was a bit confused. I know two Jordyns. One is in my ward but she never uses the computer let alone read my blog, and the other Jordyn I have never actually had a conversation with. (One of those "I know her but I'm pretty sure she has no idea who I am" people.) But the second Jordyn is friends with a lot of my friends from school so I see her around and think, "Wow, she sounds like a wonderful girl!" but of course never actually find the courage to speak up.

I read the comment and a huge smile branches from one side of my face to the other. Jordyn Chung-Hoon knows who I am... I'm visible!!! And to Jordyn Chung-Hoon!!! I think as I sit up in my chair.

My day is made. Thanks Jordyn!(:

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  1. What a sweet girl. You will be suprised as to who is watching!


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