Saturday, October 23, 2010

Challenge--Day 5 (And a Pep-Talk)

Day five turned out quite unexpectedly. All day I wasn't concentrating much on the challenge.

At 6:30 one of my best friends, Paisley King came over to my house. We took pictures, messed with my hair, talked, goofed off, and had an amazing evening.

At about 11:00 I was showing Pais notes between me and a friend in my Science class. I was showing her little snippets or the notes by reading out loud. She asked if she could read the entire series of notes. After hesitation I said no and set the notes on the headboard of my bed behind me. She could see the concerned expression on my face and asked why.
"The numbers," I mumbled.
"Phone numbers?" she inquired.
"No," I replied slowly, "weight numbers." I started getting nervous. I unconsciously would try to change the subject as I began to pick off my fingernails. "No matter how much changes or how many years go by, they're always there. The numbers are always there."

"Oh, Tessa. This is going to be a pep talk like no other you've ever heard," Paisley began, "You are beautiful. One of the most amazing people I've ever seen. And God made you. He never makes mistakes." She continued explaining how weight doesn't matter and I look great anyway. Near the end of the talk she said, "I've seen you. The days when you're not thinking about it and you're helping other people, you shine. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in a person. It's like all of these wonderful things on the inside just reflect out and you really shine, Tessa. If Teric's too blind to see that, then he's not worthy of you. I can see it, and I know there are so many other people that see it to, and that's why you're just so lovable." We both teared up and tried hard not to cry.

It turns out not only should I refrain from judging others, but also refrain from judging myself. Thanks, Pais for helping me realize that true beauty doesn't come from a boy's approval, or even the numbers. True beauty comes from the heart.


  1. Tessa,
    You are an amazing person! But I'm not the only one who can see that glow you have about you. We can all see it! You are really a beautiful person inside and out. I was just stalking your blog (as usual:D) and I have officially decided that you are one of my most favorite people in the world! Keep your head held high pretty girl(: Try to remember that you are a daughter of God and that He loves you. Always!!
    Love Pais<3


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