Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clearing the Board

I'd say, "I'm over him" but yet I'd still walk in my room to the sight of his pictures and quotes all over my wall.

It was torture. I'd try not to think about him, but yeah... it's a little difficult when his face looms over you when you're laying in bed at night. I was finally fed up, these pictures were coming down.
Out came the first tack.

I continued to remove picture after picture. I looked back at my board. Even after changing my name at the top, it was so empty.

I started rearranging, starting with new pictures. I printed out some cool pictures I've taken to hang up on my wall.

It's still not full, but I feel so much better. So much more free.

I love the feelings of clearing the board... and quite literally at that.


  1. yay Tessa! It's always easier to get over boys when you get rid of pictures and things of him. Now you just need to delete the quotes off the side of your blog.

  2. I'm so proud of you(:

  3. ok... wow! Over Teric??? I maybe need to read backwards and move forward... or is it the other way around???
    And don't worry, your board will fill up faster then you know it!


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