Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beautiful Inside and Out

I have a sister... her name is Kayla Rowberry.

She thinks little of herself. She thinks she's ugly and fat and worthless. Let me tell you what I KNOW about Kayla.....

Kayla thinks she was such a chubby and hideous child. The truth is that even as a young girl she had the most beautiful and sparkly blue eyes ever, and the greatest set of freckles dotting the tops of her cheeks and nose. (I mean, look at my freckles. They're all over the place and just make me look blotchy. :P)To this day she is fabulously gorgeous... I hope I can be at least half as beautiful as Kayla is when I grow up.

She is afraid to sing in front of people other than her family. But Kayla has one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard. When you hear her sing you get a warm and comfortable feeling. I'm jealous of her baby girl, who will hopefully get to hear perfect lullaby's at night before she falls asleep.

Kayla is so funny. Everything she says makes you smile, and you often find yourself from crying to stuck in a fit of giggling. She tells the most awesome stories. I miss hearing about the dramatics at her first few weeks of work. She has a special ability to make people feel better. Always.

She is so smart. She took honors classes in high school, and hasn't stopped pushing herself. She goes to school at BYU now and is working so hard. She is almost always at school or at work.

She is an amazing writer. When you read Kayla's writing, you can feel what she is writing. She turns the simple concept of words and sentances into something inspirational, pure and beautiful. (Along with additional humor on the side, of course.)

Kayla is so sweet. She sticks up for people she doesn't even know! I'm trying to be as considerate of other's feelings at she is.

Kayla, I want you to know that you are an amazing and strong woman. You have no idea how many people in this world look up to you, I know I do. You are such an example to me. When I'm twenty-one, I want to be like you. (Oh gosh, you're making me cry.) ...Never ever ever ever EVER doubt yourself. You are influential, determined, clever, and you, my dear, are beautiful inside and out.


  1. Agreed. I think Kayla is one of my top 5 favorite people.

  2. Um. . . This made me cry. In the computer lab at school. How embarrassing is that? I'd send you a video of the scene, but you know how the camera adds ten pounds. Just kidding! I didn't take a video. How much more odd would that look to have a pregnant chick crying at a computer and taking a video of the reactions around her? Yeah, I'm afraid I'd be ripe material for critical analysis by psychology majors.


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