Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finish This Run

Yesterday we had the "Fun Run" ... the fitness test run at Canyon View for P.E.

My friend Sarah followed me around the locker room saying, "Oh noooo, it's the fun run! Dang, today's the fun run... UGH I hate the fun run!" As we were walking outside to the track, I told her that with a good attitude, it would be a thousand times more pleasant. She soon brushed off this idea. "Can I do the fun run with you? I don't want to be in the back alone."

I was slightly startled. The back ALONE?? I tried not to take too much offense to this but soon my thoughts were back to the fun run in seventh grade.

I remember complaining. A lot. I remember walking the track. Mrs. Johnson was annoyed when I finished in 17 minutes... I felt fat. Pathetic. But I knew I didn't try... I was afraid to fail.
Memories of my former self haunted my mind, I pushed them away. NO, I'm not that girl. And I'm going to finish this run.

Sarah and I arrived at the starting line. "C'mon, Sarah, we're jogging."
"Wha--" she was cut off by the sound of this whistle and the pounding footsteps of fifty girls.
"Jog! You can do it!" I encouraged rather loudly. We jogged and jogged until Sarah couldn't take any more.
"Slow down! Slow..." she panted, "...down!" we finally broke into a walk.
"Speed walk!" I proclaimed as I threw one foot in front of the other. Sarah followed close behind, panting and complaining all the while. "Okay, when we get to the lamp post," I advised, "We jog." After a groan from Sarah we were off once again, now passing some other girls in the class.
"I... have... a... cr...cramp!" Sarah sputtered.
"Keep going, push past the pain, you can do it!" I was starting to sound like a drill sergeant. "YOU CAN DO IT!!!"
We speed walked and jogged, over and over. Sarah's complaining became a little less frequent as I edged her on. "Let's go, we can do this. Think of the beautiful A you can have in this class! Just keep going!"

We did keep going. We came to near the end and there was a straight shot to the finish. The requirement for an A was 12 minutes. Run. The thought echoed in my mind as I came around the bend. RUN. Soon I was kicking up dust as I sprinted down the path.

It was a marvelous few seconds. My feet pounding heavily on the ground, the wind rushing by me like a passing train, and the glorious shout of "12 minutes!" from Mrs. Johnson as I lept across the finish line. My throat was dry, my face drenched in sweat, but the amazing inner pride was beyond description. I did it... I thought, I DID IT!!! I started laughing.

I turned to Sarah. "I told you you could do it."
Sarah continued to pant, "Only because you practically dragged me the whole way!"
I smiled. A pure, sincere smile. I've done a lot of things in my life, but that was probably one of the most wonderful moments I've ever experienced.

I was later thinking about this experience, comparing it to life. I came across a challenge, but no matter how many cramps I got or how much I desired to quit, I kept going. I pushed past the trials and finally reached my final goal, bringing a friend with me to success. Maybe I should live all of life like this. It's definitely worth the feeling at the end.

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  1. What a wonderful comparison. You CAN do whatever you set your mind too! Good job on making it in 12 minutes- you are so awesome!


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