Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Day at the Mall

Ally and I went to the mall today... for like three hours. We walked into Icing to look at accessories. (Just in case any of you didn't know I LOOOOVE accessories! But alas, being the poor thirteen-year-old that I am, I seem to have a lack thereof.) Well, after babysitting some angelic children a couple weeks ago, I happened to earn a bit of money and it was burning a whole in my pocket.

I approach the back wall, covered in headbands. I walked back and forth, trying on headbands of all sorts. I finally decided on a turquoise headband with a little bow on the side. I approach the counter.

The lady spoke, "Our accessories are buy one get one half off."
"Oh alright... can I go look around a bit more?"
"Sure, I'll hold on to this for you," she said as she set the headband aside.
I went back to the wall, but something else caught my eye.
A scarf.
A beautiful, turquoise, black, and hot pink scarf.
I walked over to it and ran my fingers along the fabric. I wanted it. The money in my hand was on fire and I scooped up the scarf and carried it to the counter. Apparently a scarf didn't count as an accessory and the woman asked me to go get another headband. I did, but realized that with the scarf and two headbands I didn't have enough money. My heart dropped.
I stood there, non-literal sweat running down my face. "I... I guess I'll have to put the scarf back."
"That's too bad, it's a cute one."
Thanks for making me feel "better," I thought. I set the lovely scarf on the rack and swooned over the sight of it once again. I purchased the headbands and left the store.

I said to Ally, "It's one thing to leave something you desperately want behind, but it's another thing to think it's yours and then have to put it back."

We walked through the mall to Macy's and went upstairs to mess around. We plopped down on some mattresses as a woman walked by. "Are you buying a mattress?" Ally and I gave her a confused look.
"Uhh, no."
"Are you parents coming to buy one?"
"They should, but no." Ally smiled innocently at the lady. She looked really annoyed with us. Finally we left and the cranky worker left us alone. About and hour later we came right back... she was gone. We layed on a really fluffy mattress and talked. Another worker walked by.
We tensed up before she smiled and said, "I was about to ask if you were buying a mattress, but then I realized that you two are just having some fun! Silly me!" We smiled sweetly at her and she walked off.

Talk about an intense day at the mall.

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