Sunday, October 9, 2011

It Came With the Rain

Last year I hit a rough patch. And every time I cried, it rained. It got to the point every time it rained someone would call me asking if I was okay. Usually I wasn't.

This year I've been a lot happier, especially during the summer's warm weather.
Then I started hearing Adele's song, Set Fire to the Rain, and Bruno Mars's song, It Will Rain. The weather started getting cold and wet. In P.E. we played soccer in the rain. We walked to Seminary in the rain. In science we learned about hurricanes. When I got home, finally out of the precipitation zone, I took the dog outside and stood in the wet grass. I looked out the window to see puddles in the streets.
I didn't wear a jacket to school, like I was rebelling against the weather. The weather didn't care and got even wetter.
And the other day I finally found myself sitting on my bed bawling pathetically. I don't even remember why. I believe it came with the rain.

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