Sunday, October 30, 2011

Where I Belong

I sat on the grass, feeling lonely. I had stayed after school, but no one at the house could give me a ride home. I wanted to call Kayla, but I didn't want to sound pathetic or annoying. After a few minutes I did anyway, and she happily came and rescued me.
"How was your day?"
I felt like sobbing. And after about 3 words, I did.
"I don't belong anywhere," I ranted, "I had a billion friends last year and most of them don't even acknowledge my presence anymore. I don't really have a group of friends these days, it's like I just follow around the same one friend. Sometimes I don't even feel like I belong in the nerd herd anymore. Everywhere I go I feel out of place. Even when I'm alone I don't feel accepted because I don't even like myself."

I'm pretty sure Heaven was eavesdropping on my conversation and was determined to prove me wrong.

Friday my parents, Braden, and I went up to Gardner Village. I haven't seen my mom so happy for a really long time. And you know what they say; when Mom's happy, everybody's happy. I took pictures obsessively and loved spending time and goofing off with my family.
Then on Saturday night I went to a "Halloween party" that was really a surprise birthday party for my friend. Those girls are so amazing and made me feel so loved. We laughed hysterically and had a great time together.

The weekend really did show me where I belong in this world, and I'm so incredibly grateful.

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