Saturday, October 1, 2011

Falcon Idol

 "Are you nervous?" One of the techies asked me.
"Oh yeah," I replied, peeking passed the curtain just enough to see Mrs. Williams on the stage.
"I'd like to welcome a lovely young lady, Miss Tessa Hatchett!" she said to the crowd as they erupted with clapping.
 "I've got my own little fan club out there," I said to myself as I walked across the stage.

My music started. My legs were shaking. At first I wasn't really paying attention to the crowd, just the words, and just my feelings. But when I got to the chorus, I noticed them. A sea of swaying lights. Phones were out all over the auditorium, cheering me on.
It almost completely took my breath away.
I finished my song, the music quieting and the crowd exploding with insane applause. I received the biggest standing ovation of the night. I smiled so wide my mouth reached off of my face as I looked over at my little fan club that had quickly transformed into something much bigger. It was the most exhilarating thing I've ever seen.

Backstage was a blast after that. The nervousness off my shoulders, I danced around, made improv hand actions for the songs, and laughed for the rest of the show. I made so many new friends being in the show, it was so much fun. All of those people were so awesome and so encouraging.

After the show was over we all received our score sheets from the judges. When I opened my envelope the first thing I saw was, "I felt it from you. Nice emotional connection." I felt so accomplished having done just what I wanted to do.

A little later I found out from the people counting the votes that I came in fourth place. They only give prizes to first, second, and third places but I still felt so proud of myself for how far I came from my first audition. I didn't do Falcon Idol to win, I did it to have fun, and that I did.

I'm so grateful for this amazing experience and all of the experiences to come because of it. I'll never forget it, it's been one of the best things I've ever done. :)

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  1. Hey, Tessa. I just have to tell you that Ethan and his friends attended Falcon Idol and said you were awesome! I asked them what you sang and they couldn't remember. On the way home, we heard that song by Adele and I thought, "That would be the perfect song for Tessa!" How funny is that? Anyway, I wish I could have gone to Falcon Idol. You're awesome!


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