Monday, November 8, 2010

Back From Italy and Falling Down

A breeze rushed through the hallways as a flood of boys raced out of the P.E. to go to lunch. I was cruising my way to my locker with my friend when a boy ran strait into me and we both fell down. I wasn't hurt in any way, just surprised and looked over to see who is was. He gave me a creepy look and a "Hey" before getting up and running off down the hall.

The rest of the day was mostly normal. After school I trudged outside onto the wet hill by the side of the school where I'm usually picked up. I heard a familiar voice say my name. I glanced down the hill to my left and there stood Ansalee Morrison, back from her month vacation in Italy. I ran down the hill and almost slid into her. She almost fell over as I attacked her with a big bear hug.
"You're back!!!!!!!!!" I pointed out.
"Yep!" she smiled and my other friends began to gather around her, asking questions and giving her hugs. I soon spied my carpool and had to leave the circle of excitement.

What a crazy day.(:


  1. Holy cow, I wouldn't mind spending a month in Italy.

  2. I wouldn't mind spending a month in Italy either! I'm glad you have your friend back though!


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