Sunday, November 28, 2010


My fingers rubbed the soft fur of my sweet dog as she stared up at me with those big puppy eyes. The cold air bit at my arms as I said some last words,
"You know, Lou... we're all going to miss you. Somehow you've wiggled your way deep into our hearts. I never forget this goofy look you always had on your face, or the way you were always there to slobber on my hand and let me know that I was loved. But I know it's selfish of me to miss you, because you'll soon be in a place where you can run like you used to, and be warm for the winter, and be your younger self again. But sometimes it'll be hard not to have a dog out here with smiling eyes and not a care in the world to come and scratch on the particularly lonely days."
It was hard to leave her side. Feeling her fur for the last time I muttered, "I love you." With my backpack slung over my shoulder, I turned from her pen and after a few steps, looked back at her figure leaned up against the fence. My heart pounded in my chest. "Goodbye Laika."

My mom stood in the doorway to the garage. As soon as we caught eye of each other we both began to sob. We got in the car to head off to the Jr. High, both sniffling and wiping tears from our eyes all the while..
My Dad was never really that close to Laika. But he went out into her pen and knelt down on the ground beside her and, as he phrases it, "cried like a baby."

Later that day about about noon Janell and my mom went to the vet. Janell held her precious dog as they gave her the medication and layed Laika down in her lap and watched her take her last breaths. Even after her heart stopped beating Janell held her in her arms for a while. In the end they just had to leave Laika there on the floor of the empty room.

To the very last day Laika had that dorky dog smile on her face and a happy heart. We all miss her and are grateful for the opportunity to have owned and loved this marvelous dog for the ten years it lasted.

We will always have you in our hearts, Laika Lou.

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  1. Now I am balling. I am so sorry about Laika. She was a beautiful dog and you and your family had the special privilege of spending her life with you.


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