Tuesday, November 2, 2010

100th Post

This is the 100th post on my blog... I'm officially a blog addict. And ironically, I never journal.

Well, I guess I'll make this post the story of my blog.

It all started with my mom. In my very first post it says, "My mom loves reading blogs. Almost everyday she sifts through all of the blogs in our Favorites list, reading all of the different lectures and stories. I started reading these blogs as well. Now I love reading blogs."
I soon became excited about the idea and wanted a blog of my own. I figured I love writing and taking pictures, so it all works out, right? As I was attempting to some up with a name from my blog, I thought of being a teenager and all of the drama that follows.. I guess "Daily Drama" just kind of came to me.

My first month of blogging in March I had three posts, making a commitment to post every weekend. It was a total of five posts in April and about the same routine. I soon started writing more often, whenever I had a thought. October's posts added quickly up to 22...

But I feel blogging has been a good experience for me. Sometimes it's hard to let it all out, and it's nice to have this "online journal" where people can share my thoughts and feelings. My first expressive post was about walking. I brought my readers on a walk with me to Canyon View over spring break when I was feeling slightly "school sick." I continued to express myself with words through various posts such as "Finding Me."

I showed my blog to a couple of my closest friends and also some women from my ward. As time went on, my friends would show Daily Drama to their friends, and so on. Now I've met new people by them coming up to me in the halls and saying, "Oh! I read your blog!" I feel so famous!

Overall, "The Drama" (as Mom calls it) has been a success and a amazing and fun experience. Thanks to all of you wonderful readers out there, whether you are a neighbor, friend, or schoolmate. You are all wonderful people to keep coming back to this crazy dramatic mess we call Daily Drama.


  1. Tessa! I have just read some little parts of your blog1 It is amazing! your a great writter. My posts are usually like 4 sentences long! Wow! Well I love your blog and I will be coming to visit it often!

  2. I am glad you started one- I feel I know you so much more :)


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