Sunday, November 7, 2010


Type... delete. Type... delete. My mind is officially blank.

This has been a loooong week. Every day seemed to drone on and on and on and on......
It was like a neverending mess of blah. School included scowls, essays, fainting, and a lot of other dramatic goings-on with all of the crazy boys and emotional girls. Every hour of the day teased me as the hands on the clock seemed to freeze up and every minute was like a year.. Full of mystery and wonderings about what the future holds.

But today in Young Womens we had a wonderful lesson on optimism. We started out with a silent quiz:

1. Do you often have a gloomy expression on your face? Hmm.. Not really.
2. Do you forget the many good things on your life and overemphasize the few things you lack? For this one I'd have to say yes.
3. Do you feel sorry for yourself? At some times more than others.
4. Do you think more of yourself than others? I don't think so.
5. Do you think you have too much to do? Is that a trick question? 
6. Do you expect things to go wrong in your life? I guess you might as well be prepared for all of the stupid things that are most likely going to happen to you... right? No wait, just kidding.. OPTIMISM, Tessa. Op-ti-mis-m.
7. Do you blame others for your moods and behaviors? Do hormones count?
8. Do you think life has been unfair to you? It really depends on the day.

I didn't really Ace the quiz. It's been a hard week, but there are people with bigger problems than me. And things are definately getting better.

So there it is.. My pathetic excuse for a blog post.(:


  1. Not pathetic... be positive!!! :) YES... hormones do count, as hard as it is for women to deal with them and trust me I am on the harder end, we have to learn to take responsibility for how we deal with those hormones... does that make sense??? Not that we have to deal with them- just how we deal with them?

  2. OH- and sorry I am so far behind. I will do my best to catch up.

  3. Your blog post was definatley not PATHETIC. I liked it. We had that same lesson on Sunday also. I found myself trying to think really deep and some of them like the.... Do you think you have to much to do..... really confused me. Not all were YES or NO answers. SO I ended up answering most with 'SOMETIMES'


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