Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mia Maids

Once upon a time back when I turned twelve I joined Young Women. None of the girls knew me because I was the only one in the lower grade due to the age difference. I had no friends and always sat alone. The only thing I was excited for was for my younger friends to come in six months later.

My birthday is three weeks from today and the first Sunday of December. Which means I'll be fourteen and moving to Mia Maids. Which I am terrified for. I'll be leaving all of my Beehives to hang out with the bunch I had no friends in at the beginning of my Young Women experience. My Beehives have become the little sisters I never had. I've been the oldest all year, and they've all looked up to me and clung onto me. I don't know what I'll be without them, all I know is that I won't feel accepted in Mia Maids like I did in Beehives.

I think the only thing that will keep be alive will be my Mia Maid leader, Sister Ige. She is such a strength to me and has been a friend ever since she moved into my neighborhood. It'll be fun to have her, but I'll sure miss my little sisters.


  1. Change is hard. A funny thing happens in mia maids. Girls mature. We are a close group no matter who comes in or out. We get to know each other very well. The only thing I care about in mia maids is that each person feels loved and valued by the whole group. I will be right there through the scary process of change and I hope you very soon feel all of our love and acceptance. We are so blessed to be getting you in our group. I love you and can't wait until your birthday!!

  2. I remember what that was like only backwards. I was always the last to join the group because of my summer birthday. But I found out if I sincerely care for the people around me, they feel that. I wasn't always best friends with the girls in my class who were in a different age group, but they were always kind to me and the more I put myself out there and got to know them, the more love I felt for them. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for me. I hope it turns out that way for you too! 'Cause I love ya, like, a lot!

  3. Kayla is right- the older girls will feel your love for them and appreciate that about you. Sister Ige is great and will definitely help ease you into Mia Maids! Remember also that most activities are with all of us! Until summer at least but that's when all the other girls come in! I will be sad to lose you and your wonderful comments Tessa, but I really am excited for you to move forward and continue growing in Mia Maids :)


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