Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Learning From Experience

Back during spring break of seventh grade, a lot of stuff happened. This guy told something to people when he promised he wouldn't tell anyone. It hurt a lot. These were the days when _____ was still there for me, and he got mad at the kid and told him to "lay off Tessa because she's my friend and I won't have a jerk like you treating her like this." This experience brought my closer to _____ and farther away from the other boy. This other boy had a crush on me, so it was really hard for him.

The other day we were talking and he said, "I wish I could delete April 10, 11, and 12. I am just so mad at myself for it."

I thought about this and said, "But it strengthened my relationship with _____. We didn't last, but those were the best days of my entire life.
...The days with him in them.
Everything happens for a reason. If spring break didn't happen I wouldn't have learned how to truely love or forgive. And if _____ and I hadn't become that much stronger I would have never been heartbroken BUT if I had never been heartbroken I never would have learned how to let go, even when it's hard.
Or how to pray with all of my heart and mind.
Or how to turn to the people around me for comfort and know that they are always there.
And I wouldn't have met Paisley.
That's why spring break had to happen to me. I don't know about you, but for me, spring break HAD to happen, because everything happens for a reason and every trial teaches you something and makes you a stronger person."

It was quiet for a while and I got off the computer. Hours later I found this message from him. "Thank you sooooooo much! You completely made my day! You were so right, I needed to think about that, and now I don't feel so mad at myself anymore! Never forget how much you have changed mine and other peoples lives!"

Sometimes it's nice to know that I can lift people up with words and help them to learn from not only their experiences, but mine too.

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