Monday, August 16, 2010

Before and After

I once had a before and after post, which I quickly deleted after deciding the "Before" picture was much too hideous to be seen by others. Hopefully this time the "After" picture can add a bit of redemption to the horrendous image of the "Before."

Preparing for this post, I was looking through pictures of myself. I noticed two in which I am wearing the same shirt and decided that would be kind of fun.
We have this.
I have two words: BUSHY and EYEBROWS. Then, of course, we have this whole ponytail thing going on. Ponytails... *shudder* I look perfectly terrible without my hair down. Just saying.

Then we have this.
Not near perfect, but better. And happier.

Let's see another.
Uhm... yeah. I'm sorry if you just threw up in your mouth a little bit.

But after a flat iron, tweezers, make-up, and hairpins, this happens.
Better yet?

Seventh grade is a crazy time of your life. I walked in those school doors only wanting it to be over. I walked out a new me, and impatient for it to start again. Happy Canyon View registration!


  1. LOL! Tessa you're funny, and BEAUTIFUL! I wish I had enough eyebrows to wax!


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