Saturday, August 14, 2010

The World Didn't End

Right when it seemed life was over and only sadness lay ahead, things took a sudden turn and now I'm sitting here wondering. Wondering how beautiful the near future will be, wondering how we could have avoided this all together, wondering why there are so many trials put in front of righteous people. But I guess what's really important is now, and how we can make every second the best we can. If we were constantly thinking about making the right decisions, there would be no such thing as regret.

Along with thinking about the present, also think about eternity. Will your choices you're making today make you happy for a few days, or happy forever?

One of my Beehive leaders is always telling me I'm mature for my age. My brain doesn't just figure stuff out, I learn by example of others. The lessons we learn through hard times are preparing us for a better future. As someone once said, "You'll turn into a person who is used to having struggles so when they hit you you'll be prepared for them." I know this is true. And even though during the sad days we don't realize it, later you can sit down and think about how things are better due to that event.

Whether today was hard, yesterday was worse, or tomorrow will be awful, it doesn't matter as long as you're living life to it's purest quality. Life isn't over. In fact, the world didn't end for me.

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