Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School, Here We Come!

Yeahh, you got it, school starts tomorrow. I've done all of the shopping, gotten a blessing, picked out outfits/jewelry, and prepared my binders. This year is going to be beast. I just know it.

Oh yes, and here are my shoes.
Heh, heh. I have Converse. Yes, it's true.

But anyway, yesterday I went to the school open house and visited my teachers and classes. I filled my locker with my magnets and stuff. I'm SO ready!!! It's going to be so weird to see people after three months! Wish me luck! ((:


  1. CUTE shoes!! Love them! Your locker looks amazing and I hope you have a super great year. (not the best year ever quite yet or you would have nothing to look forward to. Just a really super excellent amazing year!!!

  2. Well, Good Luck- even though you have already started! Those are super cute shoes btw!


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