Thursday, August 26, 2010

Second Day of School!!!

Being a B day, I knew it was going to be amazing the second I walked in the doors. I put away my backpack and once the bell rang I walk briskly down the halls to History.

Jordyn and I walked in and I sat down. I turned around and-- "AHH! IT'S _____!"
Jordyn giggled at me with her usual line of "Oh my gosh Tessa you're so obsessed."
We were seated in our new seating chart where I was relatively close thim. After class I stopped him just outside the door.
"Hey _____, is it okay if Ansalee and I come sit with you at lunch?"
"Yeah I don't know where I'm sitting yet, though."
"We'll find you."
"Yeah that'd be great."

I walked off to Treble Trios (my advanced girls choir class) feeling proud of myself. I did it, I thought, I talked to him without prompting!
I arrived in class and was quickly greeted by Ansalee, Ally, Jordyn, Sarah, Claire, Rebekah, Amaya, and a lot of others. I know a billion people in choir!
Apparently I was assigned to be a second alto, the lowest part. I can't even sing that low! I thought I was going to be in the middle, but I guess not...
We sat in our seats and soon I felt fingers running through my hair. I took no thought of it, I'm used to people playing with my hair. But after a few minutes the girl said, "I hope you're Shelisa."
I tilted my head back, "Nope."
"Ahh! I'm so sorry! I thought you were someone else!" She then stopped touching my hair.

Next period was English. This used to be my favorite class last year. I walked in and found my assigned seat. He was sitting up in the corner in the front two rows away from me. At least we weren't accross the classroom like last year. The period went by slowly and rather quietly. Finally the bell rang and we went to lunch.

I first went to the bathroom, and then I had to go get my lunch from my locker. There's this thing called the "blue line" that you aren't allowed to pass during lunchtime. ...Eighth grade lockers are behind the blue line. I went up to the lady, "Uhh... can I go to my locker?"
I walked off shyly. When I arrived near the lunchroom, Ansalee asked, "Where's your lunch??"
"In my locker... past the blue line."
"Well did you tell her your lunch was in your locker? You need a lunch!"
"No, it's okay, I'm fine."
"We're going back over there." She dragged me over to the lady. "She needs her lunch."
The woman looked at us. "I thought she was putting away her books."
Ansalee almost scolded the evil lady. "She needs her lunch and to put away her books."
So I went to my locker and did my stuff before hurrying away from the evil lady so she couldn't glare at me.

We walked into the lunchroom. It was crouded with people. Ansalee said to me, "Well, I guess you should find him."
I was slightly confused, "Well you know what he looks like, too."
"Yes, but you've trained your eyes to see him anywhere."
"I do not-- Oh look, there he is!!!"
We strolled over to his table and sat down. I was happy to be there. I smiled at the boys and Jordyn, Ansalee, and I sat down accross the table. We ate our food but Jordyn took like three years to eat and by the time she was finished he and the boys had left, along with half of the lunchroom.

Next period was Teacher Aide. I chose to aide the art teacher, Ms. Wilhelm. I walked in her classroom. "Hey Tess, how are ya doing?" Ms. Wilhelm smiled at me and guided me to the beck of the class where I had the "Labby Corner" that had a big comfy chair if I wanted to hang out back there. I did for a while before ditching my fluffy chair to sit by my friend Claire.

I got out of class and was at my locker when I heard a voice behind my shoulder. It scared my for a moment before I realized it was Rebekah! I love that girl! She talked to me for a little while and soon I was out of the doors of Canyon View, looking forward to some more amazing B days.

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  1. That is SO COOL that you have TWO classes with Teric! And the hair story in choir is HILARIOUS!


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