Friday, August 13, 2010

The Metaphors of Life

There are days I wake up in the morning and feel a certain happiness throughout everything I do. Others I roll out of bed feeling like I don't even belong in my own world.

Metaphorically speaking, a roller coaster wouldn't be very exciting if you were going in a straight line. In order to make a roller coaster worth while, it has ups and downs, plummets and turns.I guess that's how life is. You have to be sad to feel happy. You have to be resented to feel love.

I once heard a story of a girl who was having a hard day when she went into the kitchen where her mother was baking a cake. She said, "Here, have some flour." The girl was disgusted and declined. "How about some raw eggs?" the mother inquired. The girl was confused in why she was to eat something of such a distasteful sort. The mother then explained that even though the ingredients alone aren't very good, that when they mix together, they make a delicious cake.

But what happens when you use the wrong ingredients? Today it looks like I'm going to have one horrendous cake.

On Tuesday my family thought I was lost due to my lack of communication. I wonder what would have happened if I really was kidnapped and dead in a dumpster somewhere. Would I be happier to be done with this confusing and hard earth life? Would people miss me? It's questions like these that get your head spinning around.

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