Friday, August 20, 2010


Today Laika went to the vet. We found out that the reason she has trouble walking is not hip dysplasia, but paralysis. There's a tumor or something in her back that compressed nerves causing her hind legs to be paralyzed. The good thing is that she feels no pain, and even though a bit crippled, she's our same painless happy dog.That's why her legs don't function correctly. 

Janell says, "The vet said he really doesn't know how she stands at all, most dogs in her condition wouldn't even try, she's got no concept of where her legs are in space and that she is probably only still moving out of sheer determination. There is no medication to give her because she is not hurting. And since she is still happy and interested in life and will keep getting up, and can eliminate by herself, I feel and the vet feels that it is not yet time to put her down. The only thing left is to keep her comfortable and love her."

Wow. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if people were like dogs. Laika can't even feel her back legs, and yet every day she gets up and walks. Even though she's an animal, I'm still so inspired by her strength and courage. She never stops working and always does what's right. She's an amazing and obedient dog, no matter how her legs work.

In my heart she will always be a member of our family. When they say "families are forever" does that include your dog?

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  1. I totally agree. I have two dogs that have passed and I will totally be with them again. Laika is so amazing.


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