Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shout Outs

Well one of my school buddies asked when my next blog post would be. I said, "Well I wrote one yesterday and the day before that." Her reply was, "I already read those, I stalk your blog and I love it so much." I sat up a bit in my chair. Oh, well I'm deeply flattered, I thought. Thanks Katie Crawley for being a great blog stalker! And I have a few more shout outs to some of my other followers...

Thanks Rebekah Williams for attacking me at my locker! It surprised me but it made me feel so special and loved! Your blog is wonderful, and you are so creative and awesome!

And thank you to Mindy Ige, who I saw three times yesterday, and every time she's say, "Hello beautiful girl!" I love you so much and I love your hugs, they're the best ever!

Thank you Lindsey Francom for all of the thoughtful comments that are left on my silly posts! You give such great advice and I'm happy to have you as a Beehive leader!

Also thanks to Mom, Kayla, Amaya Bickmore, Claire Jenkins, Nicole Love, Aunt Jolene, Alissa Huntsman, and all of my other faithful readers! I love you guys!


  1. Thanks for your entertaining life stories :)

  2. Oh boy, I am so flattered for my shout out! I just love you too my friend. I love getting to spend time with you. Everytime I see you it makes me smile. You ARE a beautiful girl and I am blessed to know you!!!

  3. I just love you Tessa! Thanks for a shout out. You are a beautiful writer and I get pulled in as I read :)


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