Monday, August 23, 2010

Two Special Friends

One of my very first childhood memories was when little Alisa Camille Cox was born back in April of 2002. She was the new little sister of my three-year-old friend Hannah. Whenever we asked Camille who her best friend was, she'd say "Tessa!"

Millie soon joined our group. I have so many memories of adventures with my girlies, Hannah and Millie. We used to make up games and run around the yard.We'd hide in the tube slide at the park and roll down the hill. We laughed until out stomachs hurt and our eyes grew watery. We would paint our toenails matching colors.We used to dance to CD's in the playroom on the multicolored floor. We'd build forts out of pillows and blankets and do plays with the puppets. We went swimming at the Scera pool and the girls would hold on to my shoulders as I walked them around the lazy river.

Every single day after my homework was finished I skipped across the street to the Coxes' house. I could have described every room of the entire house to you in detail.

One day at the beginning of sixth grade, Sister Cox said she doubted the three of us would still be friends when I was in Jr. High. I held Millie, who sat on my lap and said, "Of course not, we'll always be together." When someone asked who some of my best friends were I'd say "Hannah and Millie!"

Well, sixth grade progressed and weird things started happening to both my body and my state of mind. Sometimes I would have to go home to take care of feminine hygiene, or sometimes I'd be laying in my yard, depressed and hating myself. The girls never could understand what I was experiencing, seeing as they were two and five years younger than me.

That summer after sixth grade my cousins came to live with us temporarily. Hannah and Millie soon discovered my cousin, Haley, and they all became buds from the start. I, on the other hand, was excluded from the group. There were days I'd cry watching my cousin with my two best friends jumping on my trampoline out the kitchen window. The hormones and depression were getting to me. I was really stressed out having so many people living in my house.

The end of November came and I waved a sad goodbye to my cousins. But even after they left, something had changed that summer, and I never spent time with Hannah and Camille Cox again.

I thought friendships like that were supposed to last...


  1. Oh sweet Tessa, friendships will change as you change and grow, but I wouldn't give up hope with your best friends Hannah and Camille. I bet if you went over with a smile and hung out for a little while you would feel how much love is still there. jr. high can take it's toll and it's hard when maybe they are younger and can't relate, but they are getting older too and will be able to relate soon enough. It is so hard when things change. Maybe your friendship has changed from when you were little, but it could become even better than before. Hang in there my friend. I love you!!

  2. That is difficult. I felt the same way. I have been through many friends since I was your age-thinking they would last forever. THey will be your friends always in their own way. Don't give up on it either. And, just to let you know- I have formed wonderful and beautiful relationships as an adult that I thought I would never have or need.


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