Friday, August 20, 2010

Everything is Art

I love art. I feel like I have a need to express myself, whether it's in word, or pictures, or drawings... it just depends on the day. But you think about it, and it seems everything can be looked at as an art. Sports are an art. Music is an art. Writing is an art. You name it, and there's probably a way to see it as an art. Art is everywhere!

But today's spotlight on art is drawing. I think everyone has had those days where you feel like you have absolutely nothing to do at all. I know I have, that's where these came from...

A bit of "modern art."

Cartoon Animals
I know, I know... don't say anything.

When you're missing that certain someone...

Maybe if you're feeling really random, you might do this:
This would be a garden gnome.

My first Sharpie-collage.
My first mosaic.
My first painting.

You might be feeling spiritual.
Ugly scriptures...........


Next time you're bored out of your mind, find your style of art. It really is entertaining.

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